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Breathe In (2013)

English · Blu-ray

US Version | Region code  A
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Sophie, a young foreign exchange student, arrives to stay with a family in up-state New York, taking piano lessons from the father, Keith. But soon Sophie`s longing for excitement and Keith`s growing disenchantment with family life begin to take on a romantic aspect which threatens Keith`s comfortable suburban existence.

A British exchange student disrupts the family dynamics of an American household in this domestic drama from director Drake Doremus (Douchebag, Like Crazy). Before he taught music, cellist Keith Reynolds (Guy Pearce) was just another struggling musician trying to make it in New York City. Years later, Keith has settled down with his wife Megan (Amy Ryan). As their daughter Lauren (Mackenzie Davis) prepares for her senior year of high school, Keith begins to grow increasingly nostalgic about his bohemian youth. Meanwhile, the occasional gig as a substitute cellist for an esteemed Manhattan symphony provides a much-welcomed reprieve from his predictable life as a family man. But when Megan decides to host British high-school senior Sophie (Felicity Jones) as an exchange student, the wistful musician finds the impulsive nature that he has successfully repressed once again bubbling to the surface, where nothing is nearly as placid as it appears.

Product details

Director Drake Doremus
Actor Guy Pearce, Kyle MacLachlan, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan
Genre Action
Content Blu-ray
FSK / age rating from age 12
Publication date 12.08.2014
Audio English
Year of production 2013
Original title Breathe In
Version US Version
Region code A

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Customer reviews

  • Honesty

    Written on 11. February 2014 by hastalavista.
    This customer review refers to a alternative version.

    Die zufriedensten Paare (egal, ob hetero oder homo) sind diejenigen, die sich ergänzen und nicht temporär für den anderen zurückstecken, um später im Leben dafür eine Gegenleistung einfordern. Auch wollen diese weniger Routine, sondern eher immer wieder eine Herausforderung, auch die gegenseitige. Wer dazu nicht in der Lage ist lebt häufig ein Leben verpasster Chancen, wie wahrscheinlich die Mehrheit in der Gesellschaft. Fazit: Eine ruhige, aber durchwegs interessante Geschichte ist hier inszeniert worden. Die kleinen Gesten und Aufmerksamkeiten der Protagonisten deuten an wohin sich die Story entwickelt. Schon öfters so ähnlich verfilmt, aber hier mit ungewöhnlich wenig Pathos und Kitsch und überzeugender Darstellung. gut-sehr gut

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