Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Movies

  • What does the country code mean for films?

    DVDs and Blu-rays can be assigned a country code to allow playback only in certain regions. To play them, you need a code-free player or a player from the respective region.

    DVD country codes
    0 - These DVDs can be played everywhere
    1 - USA, Canada and US territories
    2 - Western and Central Europe, Greenland, South Africa, Egypt and Middle East, Japan
    3 - South East Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan
    4 - Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, South America
    5 - Eastern Europe, and other countries of the former USSR, India, Africa
    6 - People’s Republic of China

    Blu-ray country codes
    A - North and South America (except French overseas territories), Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
    B - Europe (including Greenland and French overseas territories, excluding the European part of Russia), Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Australia
    C - India, Nepal, China, Russia, Central and South Asia

    4K UltraHDs no longer have a country code and can therefore be played worldwide without any restrictions