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Live in Athens 2013

Englisch · Blu-ray

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Legendary US Metal band Warlord was formed in 1981 by Mark Zonder and William J. Tsamis. One year later, in 1982, the song "Lucifer's Hammer" (based on a novel by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle) appeared on the prestigious compilation album "Metal Massacre II". This resulted in a deal with Metal Blade Records, with Warlord recording their debut mini-album. "Deliver Us" was released in 1983 and is today considered as the blueprint for what was later to be called "Epic Metal". "Deliver Us" was followed by "And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun..." in 1984 and the comeback album "Rising Out Of The Ashes" in 2002. "The Holy Empire", the band's most current studio album, was originally issued on CD in 2013. This resulted in the CD/DVD package "Live In Athens 2013" (published in 2015 on Alone Records based in Greece). For the first time ever "Live In Athens 2013" is now available on vinyl via High Roller Records. For founding member Mark Zonder the capital of Greece was the logical place to record a proper live album: "Bill is Greek, I am not. My ties to Greece are amazing memories of when Fates Warning would play as well as the Warlord gigs. Always a great place to play."The Warlord set on the night in Athens was more or less an assortment of greatest hits with a few newer songs such as "70,000 Sorrows" and "Kill Zone" thrown in for good measure. "I kind of look at Warlord songs as all greatest hits," states Mark Zonder. "That is the beauty of the band, all classics with no filler songs. This is what makes a live show so fun to play. We play everything from "Deliver Us" and all of the early songs and add stuff from "Rising Out Of The Ashes" and "The Holy Empire". We play 19 to 20 songs in a show."1. Intro 2. Deliver Us 3. Winter Tears 4. Child Of The Damned 5. Penny For A Poor Man 6. Black Mass 7. Mrs Victoria 8. Lost And Lonely Days 9. Aliens 10. City Walls Of Troy 11. Kill Zone 12. War In Heaven 13. Winds Of Thor 14. Lucifer's Hammer 15. Achilles Revenge Bonus tracks: 16. Lost And Lonely Days 17. Aliens 18. Soliloquy 19. Night Of The Fury 20. Father 21. Glory 22. Soliloquy 23. Kill Zone 24. Night Of The Fury 25. 70,000 Sorrows (1997)


Interpreten Warlord
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Inhalt Blu-ray
FSK / Altersfreigabe ab 0 Jahren
Erscheinungsdatum 07.06.2024
Ton Englisch
Bildformat 16/9
Originaltitel Live in Athens 2013
Ländercode A, B, C




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